Gethsemane Cemetery & Mausoleum

St. Paul’s R.C. Church
Gethsemane Cemetery
and Mausoleum
3139 Kutztown Road
Laureldale, PA 19605


Traditional Burial Options

Families are still choosing traditional interment and entombment over cremation. At Gethsemane Cemetery, we have a wide variety of in ground and above ground options to provide for the wishes of our families, within any budget.

Above Ground Traditional Options

St. George Mausoleum
Gethsemane Cemetery’s St. George mausoleum provides for dignified above ground entombment offering individualized personalization, ample visitation hours and a protected environment in which to visit.

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Msgr. George Bornemann Mausoleum
Gethsemane Cemetery’s Msgr. Bornemann mausoleum provides for a more private, family mausoleum feeling at a fraction of the cost. This semi-private mausoleum was built in honor of Msgr. George Bornemann, the founder of Gethsemane Cemetery. He and 4 other priests are entombed in floor crypts surrounding the sanctuary.

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In Ground Traditional Options

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Traditional Burial Lots
Traditional Burial Lots will accommodate either one or two traditional casketed burials depending on the location of your selection. Our newest area, the St. Katharine Drexel Section is landscaped with shrubs and roses and features a central gazebo for quiet reflection, even during inclement weather.

Please feel free to Contact Us for additional information on Traditional options.