Gethsemane Cemetery & Mausoleum

St. Paul’s R.C. Church
Gethsemane Cemetery
and Mausoleum
3139 Kutztown Road
Laureldale, PA 19605



“My sisters and I want to thank you on behalf of all who attended our mother’s funeral.”

“It could not have been more perfect an experience considering the difficult circumstances.”

“We especially want to thank your staff for their professionalism.”

“We were very impressed with the efficiency and care they displayed in dealing with the gravesite of our mother.”

“Little details such as the cleanliness of the site and the prompt way it was covered with sod were much appreciated.”

“Thank you again for making a very difficult time a little easier and for helping us give our mother a grand and beautiful sendoff that was appropriate to her personality.”

“While dealing with our sorrow and loss, it was comforting to have the service of Gethsemane Mausoleum well taken care of.”

“Our whole family is at Gethsemane. Your service is excellent.”

“At the last minute, my father wished that his crypt be exchanged so my mother could be on the end. I called Tim and he took care of it with no problem.”

“Very accommodating. Mr. Sacco came to my mother’s house. She’s 87 years old and doesn’t get around that easy.”

“Courtesies and practices at Gethsemane are excellent.”

“The entire operation appeared to be smooth and organized.”

“Very courteous, caring, professional staff. Grounds are very well maintained.”

“It was very helpful to make a contact and then follow through with details. I asked for a burial plot near a relative and you were able to look up the name and find an available plot close by; that was comforting and your professionalism helped make this happen.”

“The cemetery grounds and all gravesites are kept immaculate and the surroundings maintain a “Holy Ground” atmosphere at all times.”

“The men that were present the day of my father’s funeral were caring and very courteous. I feel it takes a special person to do this.”

“We had just had a huge snowstorm and I thought the cemetery was well cleaned for the funeral… This was no easy task.”

“Gethsemane is probably the best maintained cemetery in this area.”

“Thach was helpful considerate and compassionate.”

“This is the cemetery of our family and friends and we have been pleased with the service and promptness of the staff we have dealt with throughout the years.”

“Everything was perfect. The staff was very helpful and comforting.”

“It went well. Very relaxed and caring atmosphere. Tim was wonderful, and helpful.”

“I have recommended Gethsemane to my neighbor. It appears to be well-managed, the manager Tim, capable, considerate and effective.”

“Ordering marker easy and very satisfactory. Marker arrived and set in one half estimated date. Thanks.”

“My entire family is buried throughout Gethsemane Cemetery. I personally think is one of the most beautiful cemetery’s I have ever seen. The grounds are impeccable every time I am there.”

“They were great. I love this cemetery. My mom and brother are there besides my aunt and uncle.”

“Your service, personnel, and preparations were even better than ever.”

“The cemetery is a very welcoming, peaceful, sincere and loving cemetery. I am glad my dad’s final resting place is just that. It is very well kept and I would recommend this a peaceful resting place. Thank you so much for all of the sincere efforts put forth by your facility and staff in making my dad’s memorial services as sincere as they could be at a difficult time.”

“Larry Sacco Jr. was most knowledgeable, expresses himself very well and has a most pleasant disposition. He is a definite asset to you staff.”

“This experience was not exactly a pleasant one. However, Larry was “exceptional” by his: thoroughness, his knowledge, his expertise, patient and certainly his cordial attitude. We found it very easy to handle this chore, primarily due to his total involvement.”

“Your timing, professionalism and attention to detail are flawless. The graveside service was beautiful. Thank you for everything.”

“I found the staff at Gethsemane was very polite. The ground around the opening of the grave was impressive. All dust was removed before we got to the site.”

“We like the idea of the grass sod. You can’t tell it is a new grave. We appreciated the tent that was put up as it was a cold windy January day. Even the snow that had fallen was cleared from walking and standing areas.”

“Thank you for your help and support, everything was just the way the family wanted.”

“The staff at Gethsemane Cemetery was very helpful in explaining the procedures and costs up front. During a difficult time like this, it was a relief to know that we were working with very organized and professional staff. Tim was especially helpful and led us through the process. Gethsemane took prompt and immediate action during a period when we had limited time and variety of other logistical constraints. The staff explained all the steps and carried them through excellently.”

“There was never any pressure applied in making arrangements.”

“Thank the Director for his great staff, the beautiful grounds and the condition of the mausoleum.”

“The cemetery grounds and mausoleum always look great. Keep up the good work.”

“Every aspect was professional and everyone was very helpful. I cannot thank everyone enough for being so pleasant and accommodating.”

“Everything was explained explicitly and all options were covered with a full explanation.”

“Larry was very helpful. Thank you for sending him here. I couldn’t come to you because my husband is handicapped so he came here.”

“Keep up what you are doing.”

“The cemetery looks beautiful.”

“Everything was handled in a professional and satisfactory way.”

“Very courteous, helpful and accommodating. Thank You!”

“Exceptionally clean and well organized. Very peaceful, pleasant.”

‘Thank you for providing a restful and peaceful facility. I appreciate the cleanliness and well-kept grounds.”

“The family and I appreciate how smoothly everything went, and the condition of the facilities. Courteous and professional personnel.”

“Met our expectations, very professional, kind, compassionate. We were taken care of greatly by Larry. He explained everything and answered all our questions.”

“Thank you for taking such wonderful pride in this cemetery…It is a beautiful place to come and spend time with loved ones that passed.”

“Excellent Staff!!!”

“Shown our options and availability. The meeting put me at ease with such an important decision.”

“Everyone I came into contact with was kind and courteous. I came to visit a few days after, spoke to a grounds crew member and was very helpful on where to park. The little things are what count.”

“This was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life…The care you gave was so appreciated and will never be forgotten.”

“The staff always shows a high level of courtesy and respect to anyone who walks through their doors.”

“Everything was explained clearly and concisely; all questions were answered; I was at ease throughout the meeting.”

“A pathway was cleared of snow from the road to the gravesite, exceeding my expectations.”

“Cemetery always looks great. My grandparents are buried there and always thought it looked in tip top shape.”

“Excellent in all regards. Beyond expectations…Keep on keeping on. Your staff must know they are on God’s camera.”

“Tim, Thank You. Our family is together because of what you do at Gethsemane.”