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At Gethsemane Cemetery. we understand that our actions, as well as inactions can have direct impact on our environment and resources, this being true for all of us.

With this in mind and in keeping with our Vision, we have begun to look at our own operations to see where we can be better stewards.

This page will be updated with changes that we are implementing in order to keep our families up to date with the latest information.

Electric Utility Vehicles Spring 2015

In Spring of 2015, we purchased two Electric Utility vehicles. We are constantly shuttling tools, equipment and men from one location to another and felt these electric vehicles would reduce our fuel use as well as provide a quieter mode of transportation, especially while working around funerals.

We are currently putting them through field trials to determine if they are capable of fully replacing our gas powered models or will continue to offset our use of fossil fuels in other applications. Stay tuned.

Battery Operated Grass Trimmers Summer 2015

During the summer of 2015, we embarked on finding a battery operated alternative to our gas powered grass trimmers. While residential models have been available for some time, run times and durability have been somewhat circumspect.

We made purchases of several commercial models and tested them throughout the season, finally narrowing down the field to a model that passed our field trials.

While the model proved dependable, and the run times were very good, we still had to be able to charge the batteries in the field. Running back and forth to the maintenance building for a charged battery is in itself a waste of labor and energy resources. We developed a charging system that houses the chargers for all of our trimmers and draws the necessary power from our electric utility vehicles.

By the end of the season, our entire grounds staff were using the new trimmers on a full time basis.

These trimmers not only save on the use of gasoline and reduce carbon emissions, but they also have reduced noise pollution. As I was observing five trimmers being operated in one section, I was able to hold a conversation on my phone. This would not have been possible with even one or two gas powered trimmers. Those visiting the cemetery should have a more peaceful experience when encountering our trimming operations.

Trash & Recycling Spring 2016

We are all familiar with recycling whether in our homes, at work or when we are out and about. At Gethsemane Cemetery, we are held to the same requirements as most of you and have been recycling our refuse from our office and maintenance operations for some time. We have also been recycling the organic matter from the trash can on the grounds, but this requires us to manually separate the trash from the organic matter by hand. We have often thought, there must be a better way.

We have decided to phase in a multi-can collection system similar to what you may find at other locations, in multiple areas of the cemetery. There will be three cans at each location; a black one for trash. a green one for organic matter (grass, flowers, dirt), and a blue one for single stream recycling (bottles, cans, flower pots, cardboard).

Our goal is to reduce the amount of material sent to landfills and keep all of the organic matter onside as it is used to supplement organic matter in our topsoil piles.

We will be posting additional information prior to the implementation of this system.

March 2016 Update

The staff at Gethsemane Cemetery has finished installing the first phase of our new trash and recycling cans. We have installed four of these stations throughout the cemetery and will be phasing more in over the course of time. While we have been recycling organic matter for many years, these cans will allow us to further reduce the amount of refuse sent to our landfills. We are excited about this new program and kindly ask for your assistance in making this program a success. Feel free to call the office at 610-929-2613 if you have any questions.