Gethsemane Cemetery & Mausoleum

St. Paul’s R.C. Church
Gethsemane Cemetery
and Mausoleum
3139 Kutztown Road
Laureldale, PA 19605


After the Service

At Gethsemane Cemetery, our commitment to our families does not end at the committal service.

Family Follow Up

There is a great deal of pressure placed on families when a loved one passes. We understand some things may just be a blur, lost to the fog of grief.

Because of this, we will follow up with each family via a phone call and a letter after the service has taken place. We want to ensure you have all the information you need, at a time you are most comfortable receiving it.

We also ask for the contact information of all immediate family members, so that we may share the same information with them. We do this to prevent one family member from having to be responsible for the sharing of all the information with everyone. We will send informational packets to all those whose contact information we have received and make the same follow up contact.

We Are Here

We want you to know that you can call on us at anytime.

Every family has questions or concerns and we will make sure you have the answers you seek, no matter the question, even if not directly related to the cemetery. We have access to a large network of professionals in all areas of expertise, if we do not have the answer for you, we will put you in contact with someone that does.

Living Memorials

Please take a moment to visit or Living Memorial page, a beautiful way to memorialize a life.

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